Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not such a good day for bubbles : (

Lucas had therapy yesterday with his behavioral therapist and had a huge meltdown with her because a bubble popped on his arm and got wet. Wow, what a set back that was for him. He seemed ok with bubbles for the longest time but she said that's all part of the sensory disorder. I feel so bad for him when little things like that throw him off. His nana came over to visit and I think her head was spinning when she left. LOL He is a firecracker sometimes.

I'll get into the whole story about the pediatrician fiasco soon but now he's at a new peds office and will be visiting them for the first time today to have his eyes checked. The therapists think he may have a vision issue so off we go.

I'm new at the whole blogging think so bare with me while I learn. As always I ask for any prayers that you can offer to help him deal with things until he can start to communicate his frustration.

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