Thursday, October 18, 2012

SUCKISH attempt to contact the family from The Golden Corral!!!

I had to post post this from my personal facebook page in response to an attempt to contact the family on behalf of he Golden Corral last night!


I saw a response on that whole corral thing and it hit me! I review companies! I have been so sad, depressed, and run into the ground from caring for everyone that I haven't been there! I created a site when we had Luc to share about our trials with the multiple disorders that he has and it turned into almost a full time job! I was pretty good at! I was very proud of the people's lives that Ive touched just by sharing our experience and our lives! I try to find some good out of every situation no matter how bad! I see that although appreciated, our posts about our treatment the other day is not going to go anywhere with this company! NOT NOW, but all that I wanted was for someone, anyone from that company to reach out and say "I'm sorry that we hurt your Children!"

The owner of that store called Mrs Claire Kinkade tonight! He tells her He's going in a tunnel have her (referring to me) call me tomorrow! My first question to her was did he apologize to you and pops for what happen? She almost couldn't talk and then said NO actually, almost not sure why I would ask!!!  
Apparently, this guy has connections with some friends from Fairview! They used other people to get that message across me but as soon as I found out that the guy was reaching out to say that the guy was his friend! I ran to my computer to removed that post out of respect for someone that may have been friends with Chuck!

Well All bets are off now! That was my husbands MOTHER you were talking to and you KNEW IT! You didn't even have the decency to extend an apology to her?!! SHE Gave birth to the man you talked about as if he were NOTHING! They were HER grandchildren you hurt! I'm not calling you tomorrow because the thought of it makes me sick! Not only did you disrespect me and my kids, you disrespected MY MOTHER and FATHER!

Your friend suggested that you might have been trying to get my address for a gift card? I don't want it!!

Here's what I want!

ON Thanksgiving and Christmas when you can rake in the big bucks to buy your family all those grand expensive gifts that I'm sure you are able to give from consumers like us that you look at like pieces of shit!! Close your business to the public and make an announcement in the newspaper to feed any HOMELESS person that you can find! Hire buses if you have to, to bring them there! Make that poor girl ringing us up who was beyond ashamed of you as her eyes welled up when you were yelling at us the manager on those days and YOU SERVE those MOST in need! Then and only then will God grace you with the lack of empathy and compassion that you have towards others! I will keep checking, if you do that, I will accept that as an apology!! I will revise my review on our site! Until then, DON'T BOTHER trying to reach out to me you have a lot of planning to do, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!

I am just amazed at how hard this company is fighting against apologizing for such BAD Customer relation Skills!!  I doubt highly he will follow through but will be on here letting you know if he does!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Golden Corral gets thumbs, fingers, hands way down & Giveaway!

It has been quite a while since I've been able to get myself together and post since my husband passed away.  It's been extremely difficult and I can't thank everyone that we've met on here that sent their condolences and came to the funeral to pay their respects to me, my children, and the love of my life Charles Joseph Kinkade, III.

That being said, I simply can't let this go since our site reviews products and companies that we believe in to share with our readers. 

Golden Corral - Raleigh, NCI believe the behavior and attitude that I have received from The Golden Corral Corporation as a WHOLE that came with trying to take my children to dinner to brighten their little hearts for an hour was shattered by this despicable company!

Chuck had gotten to a point when he couldn't eat for about a month and the pain was so horrific, even when he drank water, he couldn't keep it down.  He went almost a month without eating solid food, when he learned the cancer spread to his brain and a life threatening tumor had to be removed.  He was in the hospital for some time but once he got home, he was HUNGRY!  Elated to hear the news his Mother and Father took him the Golden Corral in Berlin, NJ.  We all literally sat crying in joy that this man we all loved so much was eating.  We could not have had a better day.  

After hearing about the wonderful time we had, a friend purchased a Gift Certificate from Groupon for $45, which would pay for four adults.  Unfortunately before we could use that gift, My husband lost the most horrific battle I have ever witnessed someone go through. He died in my loving arms as he left our world to spend eternity in Heaven.

He died on August 2nd! 

I could not do anything for weeks.  On October 14th, I saw the sadness in my children's face and remembered I had a Gift Certificate to the Golden Corral that we still had from my friend.  I literally forced myself to ask the kids if they wanted to go on a date with Mommy and have Dinner!  They were so darn happy, I cried because I couldn't tell if they were happy to be doing something normal or if they were happy that Mommy seemed like she was going to be ok.  

I certainly would not have been able to take this kids out without that amazing gift that our friend gave to us.  Our friends all chipped in and had a benefit for us when Chuck was alive, they all helped raise money to pay towards the funeral but the bills were astronomical that we had!  I will never in my lifetime be able to pay off these bills.  I already have to empty my phone messages everyday, they call so much.  Just One of the pain medications that he needed was $500.00 for 5 patches that the insurance company would NOT pay for!!! 

Elated, seeing smiles on my boys faces that they were normal kids getting to go out to eat, just filled my heart.  I know my husband was shining down from Heaven so happy to see smiles on their faces.  They RAN into the Golden Corral in Berlin, NJ as if it were Christmas.  They hadn't been anywhere since we were there with their Daddy.  It was a special place for them because of that.   I tell the boys to get their drinks, go the cashier, hand her the gift certificate, and before I knew it a manager is in my face, literally inches away, and starts shaking his head at me, saying "No, No, NO!  This is for four people and there are only three of you!"  I say, "We'll you're going to actually be making out on the deal because this is for FOUR adults and its only One adult and two children!", "NOPE! Doesn't matter, I won't get paid for this, you can't use it!!""  I kind of go closer to him and say in a whisper, my friend gave us this and we didn't have a chance to use it because my husband had cancer and passed away a few weeks ago!"  This is where it gets absolutely insane!!!

He then says, "OH WELL, TOO BAD THERE'S ONLY THREE OF YOU LEFT!!!"  OMG!!  I looked at my 12 year old son, who I see has purple ears and KNEW he was FURIOUS with this man for the lack of respect for his father.   A sweet, sweet couple behind us gasps (OH my gosh I wish I knew their names so that I could thank them) The husband and wife looked like they had tears in their eyes, told him how despicable he was and said well if this nice young lady would do me the honor of filling in for husband I would gladly sit and have dinner with them so that they can use that certificate.  He jumped into this nice mans face screaming, "You DIDN'T come in here with her She's not using it!"  Two families saw this and left, the wife said she was leaving and I begged her not to.  I told her I didn't want her meal ruined as well and told her it would be fine.  They were so upset.  

After all that these poor kids have been through I was NOT going to let their time to, "FORGET",  be destroyed by this pond scum!  I then looked straight into his eyes and said, "You are the manager here and you could have made this right and you didn't!!  I turned and saw my kids faces starting to look sad, and the entire restaurant was watching this man screaming at me.  Knowing I did NOT have the money to pay for this dinner said, I am going to pay for this dinner so that my kids have a good time, but I promise you I will make sure everyone that I know,  knows how we were treated and  what a mean and heartless person you are for treating me and my children like this after knowing that we just lost the most important man in our lives!    Thinking he would be just a little moved, he barked right back at me, "I'm not the manager, I OWN THIS PLACED!!!!! Do what ever you want!!!  ""  My head was ready to pop off!!  

I did my very, very best to not throw up while I sat there watching my kids eat!   I couldn't even eat my nerves were so rattled seeing how upset he made Charlie and know what did it.  This guy was scary!!  He was made to feel like he couldn't protect his Mom!!! His father was talked about like he was nothing,    This guy ruined it!  He ruined my children feeling happy for a freaking hour!   This was such a special place to them and this inhumane man hurt them by acting the way that he did!

As I sat at the table I had to vent and posted on my personal FB page what had happened and before I even got home, people from all over were angry!  They were on Golden Corrals Facebook page imploring that they do something.   Today October 17th, They posted all over their pages that they called me but didn't.  I got in touch with Groupon and they were amazing.  They gave my girlfriend her money back within HOURS!  Apologized for the company that treated us this way and embarrassed us in front of an entire restaurant of people!  Assured us that they would really watch the offers and businesses that they allow to work through them. Groupon DID NOTHING WRONG!!!  

I wanted to make sure their name wasn't tarnished because this manager, I'm sorry OWNER, was screaming that Groupon was ruining his life???!!!  WHAT??  It just didn't make any sense to me at all.  Why in God's name would you post an offer, if you didn't want to honor it.  I get the whole you have to follow policy thing, I do.  It was for FOUR people though and for goodness sakes the circumstances were a bit different than most.  I would do anything to have my husband back so he could have been the fourth person, as he should have been, to use that darned gift certificate but he couldn't, he died and the lack of compassion from that place is just simply unforgivable.  Why I say that is today, they post another message pretty much screaming, that it isn't their problem, its the owner at the Berlin, NJ Golden Corral's problem!!   I told them I see why their managers/owners treat their customers the way that they do and expect nothing less of the corporate office now after that post.  They posted replies in everyone' s post that they contacted me and they didn't. only people that were contacted were a few of my friends through facebook trying to get my house address after Channel 10 news contacted me because they wanted to talk about what happened because a person who saw our post contacted them.  I didn't talk with them yet, they just wanted my number I guess just in case it was a slow news day! LOL

 I said giveaway above because I want people to know what kind of establishment that they are patronizing when they go there.   You may NEVER encounter what I did and I pray that you don't but my kids did NOT deserve how they were treated.  They did not even have the decency to apologize!!  I am just sickened.  I am not attacking anyone, I am just telling people what happened, and like the owner said "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!"  

Oh and by the way Mr Owner man at the Berlin, NJ Golden Corral this is my husband! His name is

 You have NO ideal how much me and my children pray every single day that it was NOT just the 3 of us left!   NOT for your stupid Gift Card but because our lives will never be the same without this amazing and incredible man!!!  I pray that you or your family NEVER have to experience how you made us feel that day!

As of now I have a $5.00 gift card to home depot, I was so excited to get a Vista Print Gift Certificate the other day to use to get photo gifts for the kids but will use that just to have you read what happened!. All you have to do is leave a comment that you were here below and your in!!  I don't want anyone to post anything, follow me here or there, say or do anything!!!!.  I just want you to know the facts about a business that I DO NOT recommend to my friends!!   As I find things I'll just keep adding them here and pick winners at random!  

So we have:

One month of free side bar 125x125 ad space
$50.00 Vista Print Gift Certificate
$5.00 Home Depot card

I'll add more as I find things around the house!   I'll be sure they are new if I post them! LOL

I have done HUNDREDS of reviews, worked with many major corporations and KNOW this is NOT how a company should treat their customers who are making it possible for them to HAVE A BUSINESS in the first place!  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saddest days of my life!

 It comes with great sadness to come on here to tell you that the love of my life who has fought the hardest battle I've ever seen someone fight but has lost the battle.

6/7/63 -  8/2/12
My husband passed away on Wednesday from Melanoma Cancer that found its way into every part of his body!

I have spent the last nine months in a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from.  So many of you have sent us well wishes and it has been impossible to take time away from my family to keep you updated.

Please continue to keep my children in your prayers and I hope to be back soon telling you about the amazing progress that Lucas has made. 

I've included his funeral information for those friends that we've met that would like to pay their respects.

Again, I can't tell you how much Chuck appreciated all of the prayers and well wishes for him.

May the Lord cradle you in his arms as I have for the last 15 years.  Rest in peace my love, rest in peace.  Thank you for our beautiful children and amazing life together!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yes, you heard me right!

Most people in the situation we are in right now would not be saying that they are blessed, that's for sure!!

Well, I told you on our last post that we were trying to find out what was wrong with me and we were blessed to find out that it was NOT cancer, I have Lupus!!!  The lumps that they found in my breasts were swollen lymph nodes.  All of the lymph nodes in my body are swollen because apparently its in a flare up.

I can't tell you how relieved we were when  we found out that it was ONLY Lupus and not Cancer.  Lupus is not the best thing in the world to have either but its sure as hell better than being told that you have cancer when you are watching your husband slowly die from it!!!  We could not imagine leaving our kids to care for themselves without anyone being here for them.

DONT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!!!!   I am so mad at myself right now!!!  I was trying to clean a vent over the weekend and stood on the arms of the couch and loveseat.  Screwdriver in one hand and Scissors in the other and fell!  FLAT on my face!!  I'm a big girl and did a nose dive, superman fly jump (as Charlie called it) right to the floor!!  I was doing everything I tell my kids not to do and hurt myself pretty bad!  I thought I broke my wrist but didn't thank GOD!   As the days progressed so did the pain in my lower back!!  Well, today I was stuck in the bed for over an hour!  My lower back is completely locked up!!  The pain is horrific.

For Pete's sake I am SLOWLY trying to get ready for a trip that was given to us from For Pete's Sake Foundation.  I told you in our last post that they give families stricken with cancer a respite from treatments and they are sending us to Great Wolfe Lodge in the Poconos.  We have been through SO much over the last few months.  I am SO looking forward to just relaxing and seeing the kids have a good time for once!!  They have endured more than any 4 and 12 year should ever have to!

Some of Chucks friends from growing are a having a benefit for him on June 3rd.   I'm going to post all of the details for any of our friends that we met here in case anyone would like to come and meet the family.  I feel like you are all family to me.  You have all been so wonderful with sending in donations and prayers and We will NEVER be able to thank you enough.  We feel your love, prayers, and strength!

Here is the Facebook post to the benefit that his friends are hosting  CHEERS FOR CHUCKIE

I made a printable flyer for them too which you can copy from our web page by clicking on my "Chuckie" picture!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our journey through the last few months from HELL with Metastatic Melanoma (SKIN) Cancer!

My God, if you told me 10 years ago that SKIN Cancer could be so mean and powerful I would have laughed!!  I cringe at the thought of spending days in the tanning salon and putting iodine and oil on my body to get a tan!

Obviously, things have been pretty crazy since the last time I was able to post was in January.   My hero of a husband has fought his behind off to keep this cancer at bay and every time he takes a step forward, it kicks him fifty steps behind.

I feel completely blessed that he is still here with us since they told us in October he wouldn't make it through the night when he first went in.  Since then he's had eight bronchoscopies to remove tumors from his lung so that it wouldn't collapse or suffocate him.

About a month ago we went in for treatment only to find that the cancer had formed two tumors in his head.  One in his brain and an inoperable one in his eye.  He had brain surgery two days after they found them to remove the one from his brain and massive radiation treatment on his head in hopes to keep the cancer in his eye from spreading. 

Chuck was nominated, by the hospital, to a foundation called, For Pete's Sake.  They send families on respites to get a break from Cancer.    They chose him and the trip was canceled because of how sick he got last month.  Another blow from this horrid Cancer! 

To make matters worse, during this time, I had gone in for a routine mammogram and was called back because they found two suspicious lumps, one on each side!!!  We were devastated to say the least!!  We were certain that God would not give two parents, with no one to care for their kids, cancer!!!  The second round of tests showed no cancer in the breast but some inconsistencies elsewhere so I've been going to specialists to figure out what the problem is during all of this mess with my husband.  I can seriously say that I am on the thinnest shred of thread, that I have ever been on emotionally, in my life. I usually don't ask for prayers for myself but in this situation will take any that are offered!
We have been in and out of the University of Penn on almost a daily basis for treatments, procedures, tests, or visits.  I have to say that I don't think we could have found a better group of doctors to care for Chuck.  I instantly start tearing up when I see how excited they seem to see him and how wonderful they treat him!  They really make him feel like he's the most important person in the world to them.  The amazing thing is, they make ALL of their patients feel that way.  It's just an amazing hospital and anyone fortunate enough to be treated there is a very lucky person.
Making sure Chuck and I get to our appointments and, taking care of and getting our children where they have to go, working, and  trying to keep our lives as normal as possible for our kids has been the most difficult thing to keep together all while trying to keep things as normal as possible for them!  

MY HERO and our Children!!
My husband, Chuck, makes me so damn proud!!!!

I've never seen more determination and fight in any person in my life!  

He is and always will be, MY HERO!!

I have cried so much over the last few months and felt so many different emotions I'm surprised I can still function!  I honestly don't know if  I would have that kind of strength in me to fight as hard as he is and that scares that crap out of me!!  I've watched him bring other people up when they show that they are sad that this cancer has taken over his entire body and just sit in awe at how his faith is SO strong that he can do that!

As it stands today, and I say today because it could change tomorrow, Chuck has Melanoma cancer that has pretty much metastasized through his entire body.  The doctors have been very up front and honest with us from the beginning about his prognosis but we have all stayed steadfast in the our belief that miracles can happen.

When you have two little children you can't do anything else but believe that a miracle can happen to continue getting up out of bed each day.  When I look at them my heart fills with sadness, my eyes fill with tears, and my emotions fill with anger at the thought of how my children are going to get through this if they lose their Daddy if this cancer gets the best of Chuck. 

The trip from, For Pete's Sake was given back to him because he recovered so well from the brain surgery.  It will  be at a closer place in case Chuck has to go back into the hospital right away.  This is supposed to take place in May but you can't plan anything with this cancer!

I put a donation button on the side bar of the site and in this post in case anyone wanted to help with the cost of his treatments, tolls, gas, co-pays, etc.   My church has been so wonderful with helping us for the last few months.  My boss could not be more understanding and our friends have been an amazing strength for us.  

It amazes me how good people really are in the world when things like this happen.  I am in shock to see the out pour of people who have extended their desire to help in any way that they could in this horrific time in our lives to try and ease the burden a bit for us.  Thank you, words will not ever read what our heart feels from your support and love for our family.  Thank you all for your continued prayers!

Change for Chuck

Change for Chuck

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