October 2, 2010 - October 31, 2010



I am so proud to announce that Lucas's Journey with Sensory Processing Disorder has volunteered to host  "A Sensation Celebration Event" from now until the end of October. 

The SPD Foundation is celebrating their 30th Anniversary and we are going to help them have the biggest event that they've ever seen!

Our pledge and mission is simple!  To raise awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder and The SPD Foundations 30th Anniversary Event that will be held from Oct 2-31.

Our  pledge to The SPD Foundation  is as follows: 
  1. Get 30 sponsors to donate 30 prizes for an October Giveaway Event!
  2. Use those prizes on our blog to help with efforts from members, family, and friends of Lucas's Journey w/SPD contact the media to get them to cover a story about SPD, and the SPD Foundations event in October. 
  3. Try to encourage and receive donations for this amazing foundations efforts!

How are we going to do it?

This event that we are hosting isn't like your typical fundraising/giveaway event so I want to give you the breakdown of what our event is , and how it is going to work.

When I volunteered to host this event for The SPD Foundation,  I made it very clear that MY main concern and reason for hosting this event from now until October is about raising awareness for the millions of children who are affected by SPD that are not getting the care that they need or deserve.  This includes my son Lucas, which is why I am so passionate about doing something to change the way that SPD is seen or not seen by the world! 

I have taken on a MAJOR task and I certainly can't attain such an enormous goal by myself.  I need the help of every single person that is willing to take a few minutes out of their lives over the next few weeks to help me. 

I don't expect anyone to help me with this giant task for nothing, hence the 30 prizes in 30 days.  We have some amazing sponsors from across the country who are donating prizes for this event for your help in getting this message out there!

Over the next few weeks, Lucas's Journey w/SPD will be posting ways of receiving entries into our HUGE Giveaway event that we are hosting from October 2 - 31!  We will have 30 Giveaways in 30 Days.  I have sponsors contacting me everyday with new prizes to add to this fantastic mission.   When I said this isn't like other blog giveaways I mean it!  We have some amazing prizes that are being donated for this event!  When the word starts to get out we are sure to have even more sponsors decide to join us and donate prizes for the event to help get our message out there.

My hope is, with your help,  to rock The SPD foundations world!   I NEED this to be the biggest, most incredible event that they have ever seen!  Getting the media involved is not only going to help the press see our mission here but for every single person who is volunteering to host an event like this to raise awareness!

Entry opportunities will pop up on our blog from now until the end of September.  Our entries are going to be simple entries, that will require you to help us raise awareness for SPD.   I need help spreading the word about this disorder before The SPD Foundation has their event in October.

Here is where my second pledge to the foundation comes in!  I have agreed to contact 30 nation wide media networks to ask them to cover a story about this event and Sensory Processing Disorder.  Every day in September I will have a new post with a link to go to and a simple message to copy and paste to ask our media to write or broadcast a story about this event!  I will make it so it can't be any easier to enter! 

Keep your eyes peeled because entries may pop up at any time. 


I have listed SPD badges that I had made on our home page.  All proceeds received from these badges will fund the "A Sensational Celebration" SPD foundation efforts!

Raise donations for the cause.  

I will have a donation button in place and of course any donations made by and individual will get extra entries into the giveaways that will take place in October.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!  You are making a difference in millions of children's lives by helping with this event!

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