Sunday, August 22, 2010

SPD Badge Only available from Lucas's Journey w/SPD

We have SPD Badges available for purchase for our Sensory Celebration Event.  These badges are only available at Lucas's Journey w/SPD.  You can purchase one below!  It comes with a clear badge cover, button clip, and the badge.

The hardest part of having an SPD child is probably the looks from people when we are out in public.  I've had people shake their heads, suck their teeth, sigh, and come right out and tell me I need to do something with him!  I've said it many times!  I wish I had a button to put onto Lucas when we went out in public!  I wanted something to show these people who feel the need to pass judgement on my parenting skills because of Lucas's behavior!  I came up with this badge myself and LOVE it!  Now if someone gives me or Lucas the look I make them see the badge!  I couldn't use a button with Lucas because, he would melt down completely having an object on him that he can notice and not take off.  I choose this because you can clip it on their pant leg, coat, hat, etc.  It doesn't necessarily have to be on their body which is great!

If you would like to purchase one of these for yourself or as a gift for a friend with an SPD child, please click on the "Buy Now" button below.


TOTAL Price: $3.30 (3 pieces - badge, badge holder, clip+shipping)

All proceeds received from these badges will fund the "A Sensational Celebration" SPD foundation efforts!

2 Responses to "SPD Badge Only available from Lucas's Journey w/SPD"

Katrina Says :
October 7, 2010 at 11:26 PM

The SPD badges is always been an excellent idea. Sensory Processing Child needs this so badly. People are so mean sometimes with SPD kids and that is not good. With the badge I think they will feel sorry already.

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