Thursday, May 27, 2010

A wonderful day in the neighborhood!

Sorry, I missed getting back to you all sooner but Lucas caught a stomach bug and we were up all night with a very cranky little man and cleaning up the workings of the bug! yuck!

Anyhoot!  We went to the Early Intervention fun day at the park and it was so nice.  VERY HOT, but very nice.  They had a lot of really wonderful people who volunteered to help set up all of these stations for the kids to play in.  They had tons of  hand outs with a lot of really good, useful information.  I am going to post the links for you in the resources tab as soon as I get a moment. I have some more pictures of Lucas at the park as well that will be in the pictures tab.  Lucas did really well with all of the activities. He always kept going right back to this basket of balls, he just loved it.  I'm going to have get him his very own to play with.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Early Intervention and every therapist that they have working with the kids.  They have a special gift and special way of connecting with every single one of these children some how.  I just can't understand how they give completely of themselves to these children and know that when they are three years old they have to set them free like little butterflies to go on their own.  It really takes a special kind of person to accept that to care for for these little caterpillars.

I'm sorting out the details/legalities now but hope to have his therapist post their expertise about Lucas's recovery for you get a better perspective of their view of his recovery.  I think it's so important to have something to look back on to show you how far your little one has come.  Those moments when they slip back and you feel like the last 6 months of therapy just went out the window.   Each step forward could be ten steps back, but then they jump eleven feet ahead.  It's a puzzle that you just can't wrap your fingers around.

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