Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pump it up ~ An SPD friendly company

I took Lucas to an event at a Pump it up facility in New Jersey with my older son.  I really thought Lucas would love it because its all inflatable rides that you can jump and bounce on. He can't live without his trampoline so I figured it would be great!  Well, it was completely overwhelming for him. He was shaking so bad it felt like he was having some type of seizure!  This is him outside of the play room (deer in headlights traumatized! LOL).  The music was playing, the air was filling the machines, the kids were screaming, the lights were beaming!  He had a complete input overload!  I have to say I should have known it would have been too much for him because it was a HUGE event, that they put on for the kids.  They had lots of special guest appearances and activities for the kids.  They even had a fire truck there! 

The owner saw how upset he was and seemed to know that I needed to get him to a quiet, calm place to settle him down so she took me into this room and let us sit there for a while.  She talked to me for a while about how involved they are with helping special needs kids, so she could tell there was something not right with Lucas!  She also told me that they have sensory nights for children on the spectrum at all levels.  I was in complete shock!  I haven't been able to take him back yet but wanted to share my experience and let you know that I found an SPD friendly company!  I think it is so fantastic to find a company that really cares about doing something special for the kids!   Good Job Pump it Up for caring!

I'll keep you posted when I take him back for sensory night! I'm not sure all locations have it.  I'm in New Jersey and all but one have it.  I've posted a link for the main branch and you can check your zip code and then look at the calendar (on right) to see if there is one listed in your area.

4 Responses to "Pump it up ~ An SPD friendly company"

Ruth Says :
June 24, 2010 at 6:38 AM

How wonderful!!! What a sweet and caring shop owner. I wish there were more people like her.

Paul and Kerry Says :
June 24, 2010 at 9:31 AM

Hi, found you through TBC. pump it up is awesome! My son has Autism and this place is his favorite! I'm glad you found it.

Jenn Says :
June 28, 2010 at 8:42 AM

Okay, WOW. My daughter has attempted a couple of Pump It Up parties, and honestly it just depends on the day whether she's able to tolerate it or not...She doesn't obviously present with sensory issues to the onlooker, she just appears to be shy and clingy--but nine times out of ten her clinginess is about "I'm completely overwhelmed, get me out of here, this is very cool and I want to want to be here but I can't deal." I LOVE that at least your Pump It Up (I'll look into ours too!) has people there who "get" kids who face the world differently...AWESOME.

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