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Vitamin B therapy, Giveaways, SUPER Deals, and more!

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Vitamin B therapy

I was looking this up because I was talking with one of our therapist about this and she said a lot of people believe that the spectrum children absorb vitamins differently.  I am going to try this.  I'm just curious to see the outcome.  I know B's are supposed to be good for your nerves.  I would love feedback, worked-didn't work, from any Mom's that did try this.   


paragraph copied from

Many studies have been carried out to examine the effects of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and magnesium supplements on autistic spectrum disorders. Research indicates that 50% or more of those treated make significant improvements, often within just a few days.

Remarkable Results

A 1968 study of 16 autistic children with serious behavioral problems found that 75% made dramatic improvements with high doses of vitamin B6, 3 of them actually speaking for the first time ever. The subjects also made better eye contact, showed greater interest in interacting and had fewer outbursts of emotion or temper. While not entirely cured, their functioning was significantly higher. Overall, studies suggest that treatment with high doses of vitamin B6 along with normal doses of magnesium may be more effective than medication for some autistic people who have difficulty controlling their behavior.
Parents rate vitamin B6 and magnesium highly as a treatment for autistic spectrum disorders. Of 321 parent ratings provided to the Autism Research Institute, 50% saw improvements with vitamin B6 and magnesium supplementation, while 45% saw no effects and 5% said that their children grew worse. Magnesium on its own was not as effective, with improvements noted in just 16% of cases.

Read more at Suite 101 ~ Very interesting article on vitamin deficiency and autism/spectrum disorders

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