Monday, August 9, 2010

Possible $75 paid telephone survey

I'm too young for this, thank GOD, so I'm passing it on.  I hope someone else can get in on this. They are an awesome company to do surveys for!

Dear Respondent,

Reckner, a local opinion research company, is inviting Men and Women
between the ages of 41-70 who have smoking related health conditions to
participate in a telephone interview on this topic.

We are only interested in your opinions.  Your personal information will
not be sold nor will anyone contact you to sell you a product or service
due to taking part on this interview.

As with all marketing research, there are a few questions we must ask in
order to make sure the study is appropriate for you.  Participants will
take part in a 45 minute telephone interview.  The interviews are being
conducted on August 18th and August 20th, 2010 with various times
available. Those asked to participate will be compensated $75 for their

If interested, please call 1-866-352-3943 and reference study #1098
Please note that this is a study-specific toll-free #; if a recruiter is
not available, please leave a call-back number and your call will be
returned in a timely manner.  Please leave a call-back number by entering
your 10-digit phone number followed by the # sign.

2 Responses to "Possible $75 paid telephone survey"

BusyB Says :
August 9, 2010 at 5:42 PM

hahahha! that is great! lol. I not ready for surveys either. :) HEY I JUST GOT YOUR POST!!!! SO bummed I MISSED it : ( I dont blog on weekends.... :( let me know the next one and I would love to join in : ) Hope you had a great weekend!
my email is
(did you get the necklace yet???)

Life in Rehab Says :
August 9, 2010 at 7:31 PM

Hi, I popped over here from This Organized Mess. I have two sons, one with autism and one with Aspergers, and I know right now you're wondering where you're going to end up. Well, Thom, my youngest boy, was never supposed to talk or be potty trained. He'll be a senior in high school this year, has his learner's permit, and does a cooking segment on my blog. He also designs online comics and video games. Sam, the oldest, graduated with a 4.0 and starts college in two weeks. He's made several feature length indy films and a bunch of shorts. Both boys do demo on house projects and assist in several posts.

Ya know, like normal 17 and 19 year old guys.

Hop over sometime. I know what it's like.

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