Monday, August 9, 2010

Some craft and learning ideas for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

Happy Monday,
I wanted to share and post some pictures of some craft/learning tools that we use with Lucas. I hope it can help you as much as its helped us! : ) 


You have to know that only a short few months ago the near sight of Play dough would send Lucas into an all out meltdown and he would gag and vomit just to touch it. This is the colorations dough that we used in the review we did a few weeks ago for Discount School Supply
We made Pizza!  Lucas LOVED it.  Pizza is his favorite thing.  The colors in this set are perfect for it!  He helped Mommy roll the dough and the sauce, squeeze tiny little pieces off for cheese, Scrunched up some green brocolli, and squashed up some tiny pieces of pepperoni :)  All things to get his little sensory hands working in that dough! LOL

You can only purchase this Wheat and Gluten free dough from Discount School Supply


Our WONDERFUL therapist Margot made this chart up for Lucas because he just has such a hard time going from one task to another.  This has helped us SO much!

We went through his normal everyday activities and added some pictures of things he may do on occastion just in case we needed them.  They have velcro on the back of each picture so we can move them around if we need too.  Every time Lucas is done with a task we go to the schedule, pull off the activity, and put it in the cup.  We then say "Bye Bye" to that activity and point the next and say something like "HELLO lunch", walk away and MAKE SURE that you are ready for that task.  The consistancy with him is what helps him be alright and adapt to change.   It really helps him know what to expect from his day.


I posted a paragraph explaining this on a few weeks ago.  Lucas really loves this thing!  

  • I used a dry gallon water bottle.
  • Filled it with some of his favorite small toys.
  • Added at least 5-7 lbs of rice.  

I taped and glued the top REALLY well to make sure that the rice didn't spill out, because it WILL.   These kids are rough and even though its heavy Lucas would through this thing around like a ball.  You can see how dented it is. 

I can't tell you how much input Lucas got from this thing.  He is able to do his heavy lifting, roll the bottle around to have his favorite toys POP out at him, and just explore.  Awesome home made therapy tool for next to NOTHING.

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