Thursday, September 9, 2010

Turn on Your Senses!

I wanted to share the prizes that Turn on Your Senses is giving to one of our members for the October giveaway events!  
Please take a moment to look at their store for some AMAZING deals!

Here are the prizes that they are donating!  
This puzzle is AWESOME!  Our therapists use this puzzle with Lucas all the time!
A perfect first manipulative! Five two-sided wooden pattern boards with ten designs feature recessed spaces for secure shape placement. Brightly colored geometric shapes complete the pictures and can also be used for color and shape matching activities. Everything stores neatly in the sturdy wooden storage box.
This pop-up toaster offers a fine and unique way for toddlers to learn their shapes and colors. Toddlers place the food shapes in the matching slots in the toaster, press the lever to toast the food, then press the Playskool button to make the shapes pop up!

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