Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clementon Park, The Fun Awaits Giveaway!!!!

On Monday August 15, 2011, One family from our site is going to Clementon Park, in Clementon, NJ for a day of fun with their family!!

All thanks to the incredible generosity of  BEN-FM and Real Mom in the Media

They have given us the opportunity to give one family, four (4),  passes to spend the day at Clementon Park and Splash World!  How awesome are they for doing this??

BEN-FM's Joey Fortman will be there with a few SPECIAL guests, wait for it, ..........................wait for it, .................wait for it.................and the moment we've all been waiting for, The Super Diva herself,  DORA THE EXPLORER will be there with with the former 76er great World B! 

OMG!! If your kids are like mine, they are GOING TO FLIP, when they find out Dora is going to be there!   You're husbands will be happy to see World B  and Mom's just plain old happy that everyone else is happy!!!! YAY!! Everyone walks away a winner!!!!

Dora the Explorer and World. B Free will be greeting guests, giving autographs and taking snapshots only until 12 noon so be there on time!

You and your family are going to have a blast with the New Torpedo Rush. This just opened this year!! OMG!  You have to watch the Youtube video of this incredible slide!!! 

Torpedo Rush stands a skyscraping 60’ tall and offers two identically-designed and simultaneously-launched free-fall drops of joy. Guests climb into a clear, fully-enclosed launch capsule and begin the countdown to the most thrilling moment in water slide fun today. Riders will squirm with anticipation waiting for the bottom to rip out from under them beginning a sizzling-fast six-story journey through an enclosed, see-through flume to an explosive splashdown below. Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride 

If that's not your style you could always spend the day in the sun  by the Laguna Kauhun!  I've been here many times.  It's so relaxing and even grown ups have fun in this awesome water play ground!
Laguna Kahun

Cool off with over 13,000 square feet of splashing, sliding, drenching, beat-the-heat fun. This Polynesian-themed adventure includes 8 slides, 10 different play platforms and more than 125 sprays, jets, bubbles, streams, squirts, wheels and waterfalls. And high atop the 50-foot tall structure sits the big Kahuna himself—with a giant water bucket that dumps more than 422 gallons of water on the unsuspecting islanders below. Children under 6 years of age must have adult supervision. Some slides have a minimum of 36 inches, others have a minimum of 40 inches. 

And the tough guys and girls that think all of the above is just to babyish, they can head over to the Ring of Fire! Just don't come back over to the water park until your done heaving! LOL

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is a brilliant and towering 60-foot loop thriller that takes twenty brave riders to the brink of breathlessness with every heart-pounding loop. Zipping up and over, backwards and forwards, even coming to a standstill upside down six stories up, this dazzling new attraction takes its daring participants on an exhilarating and unique ride-in-the-round. Must be 48 inches or taller to ride.

I just showed you some of the rides that they have!  My gosh, this post would be fifteen pages long if I showed you everything!!!  You can check out all of the rides they have here: Rides and attractions

Ah, memories!!! Yep, Clementon Park was were I rode my first and very last roller coaster ride!!  I'm showing my age now, but that rickety old white wooden roller coaster was by far scarier than ANY roller coaster in existence today!!!!   Those of us who survived the old white rickety (that's not the name, everyone just called it that!LOL)  were given a passage of initiation into a secret club of warriors!!!!  (Don't feel left out, most people don't even know their in it!)   

Be sure to sign up for their email newsletter , and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for ground breaking news alerts about the park! (I'm signed so I can tell you, you get all the scoop earlier than everybody else and super cool coupons!) 

Friends, if you haven't been to Clementon Park and Splash world, for goodness sakes, you just haven't lived yet!!! Enter the contest today so you can finally check it off your MUST DO list!!! 

This prize is for a family pack of 4 tickets! (Prize does not include transportation to and from the park, parking, tolls, planes, trains or automobiles needed to get here!!)  

WHAT?!! You say Four tickets aren't enough?   Sorry folks but I only have four!  Turn that frown upside down there kiddo!!! Every Monday in August, get in for $10, when you enter the park before 11am.  If you need to buy more just go online and purchase them from home for a huge discount! (not to mention, beating the lines when you get there!) You can buy your tickets online here: Tickets or at the gate!

For further information, park guidelines, rules and regulations please see their Information page!

Clementon Park & Splash World
P.O. Box 125
144 Berlin Road, Clementon, NJ 08021
Phone: (856) 783-0263
Fax: (856) 783-5387

I've listed 10 ways for each person to enter! Entries are PER person.

Yes, you're family can enter!  Tell your friends, neighbors, boss, the dog, whoever will listen that this contest is HOT and it's going quick!


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Julie Says :
August 10, 2011 at 8:25 AM

We used to have a seasons pass to CP it was awesome! They have this cute little toddler section tucked away that is under a cover so it's cool and there are no lines. The train ride is so sad it's funny. The water park is amazing!

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