Monday, September 12, 2011

My new Heelys skates took me back 30 years!! Awesome!

I was invited to try a pair of Heelys to review!   I have to be honest, I was SO afraid at first to try these, at first.  I have trouble standing on my own two feet let alone adding a wheel to the mix! LOL
I'm so glad that I faced my fears and tried Heelys!!   I used to skate all the time and I simply loved it!!  It's been such a long time that I had wheels on my feet!  I just lost my nerve and confidence after I had my kids and started getting older! 
When I put them on I was so surprised!  I felt a lot more stable that I thought I would.  My foot pretty much stayed on the ground as you can see in the pic!  

I think a huge help was watching their "How To" videos"!   I know most parents would also love the Heely's playbook

I was able to feel really confident and at ease that it wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be!  

I love that we found a new way to have fun with the kids and feel like one of them while I'm doing it! LOL  We just had such a great time playing on our skates!

I was impressed to see how far Heely's has gone to show kids and parents how to keep safe while skating!    I'm so glad I had this opportunity to take such an awesome ride!  My kids had such a blast!

Want to get a pair for yourself?  Visit Heely's shop today!

You can also find Heely's on:

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