Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas at the Strasburg Railroad, Giveaway coming soon!!!

You've probably noticed I've been MIA for a few days!  
We'll,  we were invited to spend, "A Day Out With Thomas"!!!   

Hosted by Strasburg Railroad, presented by Hit Entertainment, and sponsored by Mega Brands, a leading Toy Company.

Charlie, Daddy, and Lucas!
So many people just love trains, but Kids really love Thomas the Tank Engine!

Especially kids like Lucas!!!   This trip was so incredibly amazing to him and for us!!!!

I've been to a few different, "A Day Out With Thomas", events and NONE have come close to what Strasburg Railroad does for their kids at this amazing event.  

They love kids and it shows in the effort that they put into making sure not just the kids, but the whole family enjoys their day with Thomas!

Lucas, Charlie, & Mommy!

We were able to get so many pictures that I wanted to share just a few of them with you to show you that not just little kids have a great time riding on, "Thomas, Annie & Clarabel"!

Lucas was adamant about telling us that when he saw the coaches! LOL


Taking in the scenery!
We enjoyed ourselves so much!  Our whole family was smiles for the entire day.

Charlie my older son was an even bigger fan of Thomas than Lucas when he was little!

I remember taking him to EVERY single, "A Day Out With Thomas" event that we could find!   

So peaceful!
He knew every train.  He would call Hit Entertainment if he saw a mistake on an engine to let them know to fix it! LOL 

He was my first little train fan.  It was such a joy to see how nostalgic he was about going back to Strasburg for his little brother.  

As a parent I am so happy that Strasburg Railroad puts on such an amazing event every year for families to enjoy such an amazing day with their children!

A Cow on the Line

It was so cute, Lucas turned to us so serious and said they're really could be, "A COW ON THE LINE!!"  lol 

We just thought that was so cute that he related the shows and the book stories to the real life cows next to the tracks!

The Breakdown Train!

You heard all of the kids and Dad's screaming, "It's Mavis, It's the Breakdown Train, its the Breakdown Train!!  

Cheers FILLED the station as this famous little tank engine pulled up on the line!

Kids were beaming and smiling ear to ear, you could feel the anticipation of finally meeting their super hero!  Sir Topham Hatt's, Really Useful Little Engine, Thomas!!

How to decide whats next?
Here are just some of the stations that Lucas pulled into after the train ride:

Storytelling, Video viewing, Temporary Tatooes, Wooden Play Tables, Imagination Station, Photos with Sir Topham Hatt, Cranky, Cagney, Pump Car, Track Car, and LO&S (mostor car) rides.  They also have TONS of delicious food to eat!

HUGE Mega Blocks Thomas!
Lucas was in complete awe at the HUGE Thomas Mega Blocks display!  

He has a tiny one at home and was just CERTAIN that Mommy was going to buy this for him and bring it home! LOL  

Thank goodness he took a nap right as we were getting ready to leave and forgot about it!   

Thomas getting ready for his next passengers!!

He just stood and watched, what seemed forever,  as Thomas was getting water, his wheels greased, and more coal in the engine to take his next passengers on a journey of a lifetime!

What an incredible Day Out With Thomas!!!!

Strasburg Railroad will be hosting another "A Day Out with Thomas" event, in November,  for 3 days only!   Dates for the Event are November 18-20, 2011.  For tickets and information visit or call 866.468.7630

Stayed tooned for a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY featuring the Santa's Paradise Express sponsored by Strasburg Railroad COMING SOON!

You can visit Strasburg Railroad on 

The Web:
and Twitter:

Our family would like to extend a HUGE thanks to Strasburg Railroad, Hit Entertainment, and MEGA Toys for inviting us to come and experience such a great time at the "A Day Out With Thomas Event!"

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