Friday, September 17, 2010

OMG! Total opposite reaction to school!

OMG!  I had to come on and share about our day today!  Thank you for all of the supportive emails and comments : ) 

Lucas LOVES school!   I mean it!  He cried for over an hour when we had to leave, he kept saying "GO DARE", "GO DARE"!  I was over the moon with how happy he was there!  We have a lot to do before January, many appointments, meetings, etc.  I just feel so fortunate to be in a place that has so much for kids who need a little extra care : )

All of my fears were completely put to rest today and now its anticipation about Lucas's new found adventure!  I think the unknown is always a scary place to be and now that I know how wonderful this school is I have such a feeling of excitement for him!

I feel so fortunate to be in a place in time that I can share and read about other parents journeys.  I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for so many parents who couldn't reach out and talk with other parents and the ability to meet new friends who completely GET what They are going through!

Thank you to all of my new friends who get me through some of my rough days!

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