Friday, September 17, 2010

Off to school with Lucas today : (

We have our evaluation meeting at school today : (

We will find out what specialists Lucas needs when he starts school in January! : (

I'm sad and happy at the same time!  I know its going to help him SO much but I also know he'll only just be turning 3!  I desperately need for him to be able to tell me that he is safe!  I wake up some nights sweating thinking how can I put my little man into a situation when he can't tell me if someone is hurting him or not!  I'm sure a lot of mom's feel that way so it's been my mission over the last few months to make sure he can tell me if he is hurt or if he has a boo boo!

We're almost there!  We spend last Friday night in the ER because he pulled a super man stunt and almost broke his head open!  He was able to tell me he had a boo boo but he kept holding the wrong place : O!
His little senses told him he was hurt but they couldn't distinguish where it was. : (

I'm happy because I haven't had more than an hour without him since he was born!   I love him dearly but he can be SO overwhelming at times.  I haven't been able to get anyone to agree to watch him.  He is just too much to handle for most of my family and friends.  My chest has been in a constant state of angst and pain since he was born from stress.  I feel like a thick glass that is ready to shatter sometimes. 

I was able to take a long power walk the other night and it felt so good to just walk off some frustration.  Its hard because if I need to do something, my husband will watch him, but in twenty minutes he's completely overwhelmed with Lucas and I need to jump back in and take over.   It's really hard to do something for myself without that overwhelming guilt that I'm doing something wrong!  I'm hoping once he starts school things will start to settle down a bit.

We'll I'm off, wish us luck!  I'll keep you posted on how it went.

Have a great day everyone!

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Froggy Says :
September 17, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Hi there,

I found your blog from the button on Belly Charms blog and am your newest follower.

I wanted to let you know that I have a new "Blog Event Directory" link up. Feel free to add your Sensory Awareness Event to the list!

Thanks - Melissa AKA Froggy
A little of this A little of that... Says :
September 17, 2010 at 1:59 PM

I hope things go well - it has been so great to see Liam thriving in his school environment and I have to say that this year is better than last... last year they focused primarily on learning routines, but this year is more academic and skill focused and he's having a blast! I hope they can get Lucas' therapies sorted out and make s smooth transition in January

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