Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1 Week Countdown, What have I received?

OMG! I have only one week left with this amazing, incredible, life changing, Chevy Traverse!

No I'm not exaggerating, this has been a life changing experience for our family. We were able to see that Lucas is able to drive in a vehicle without having his senses go into overdrive and go into complete self destruct mode. We simply just stopped going anywhere with him. He would thrash so hard to get out of the car that he would have welts on his shoulders from the straps on his car seat trying to get out of the car. We feared he would seriously hurt himself so we just don't go anywhere or we go separately. This month has been the first time in a long time that our family was able to do things as a family without the stress of Lucas hurting himself! The Chevy Traverse was so calming and relaxing to him that he cries to go out now! : (

I never thought of how hard it was going to be to say goodbye!

There have been so many wonderful things that have come since bringing the Chevy Traverse into our lives so far but these are by far the most special for us!!

Besides driving around in the most AWESOME vehicle I have ever seen, the most incredible things that I got to experience with my time with the Chevy Traverse are:

I was able to see Charlie's eyes light up with pride and joy to be dropped off at school. Hearing him talk with his friends about playing video games in the car and telling them to ask Santa to bring them a Traverse too! LOL I'm going to calls about that one!

I felt safe and at ease taking Lucas to St. Christopher's in the middle of the night by myself! I had the ease of knowing that if I got lost or in trouble On-Star was there to help us.

I was able to see pure joy in my little "Special" mans face when he watched his favorite DVD's in the DVD player. The first time driving in a car without having a meltdown! This will be the hardest thing to part with! It was a complete gift to see him enjoy driving for the first time!

We were finally able to keep our promise to Charlie and take him on his dream trip to New York to Nintendo World. He's a good kid! He doesn't ask for much so by just having the Traverse, we were able to make his dream come true! : )

I had my five minutes of fame by being on CBS, Talk Philly, twice! I grew up seeing Pat and Ukee on TV so it was an amazing experience to meet them to tell them how they made an impact on me and how much my family enjoyed seeing them everyday in our home! They feel like family! Pat grabbed me and I knew she was genuine when she said "I wish I was Oprah, so I could give you that car for Lucas!" She touched my heart forever and I will never forget her compassion! I could see it and feel it!

When Charlie saw me on CBS the second time, he had tears in his eyes, gave me a HUGE bear hug and told me how proud he was to have me for a MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm crying and I do every time I think of it! (This was the most prized gift that I received for test driving this Traverse!!!!!!) It was simply a priceless moment that I will cherish forever!

I never thought I would ever drive such an amazing car in my life, even if only for a month! I got to feel like Cinderella for a brief moment in my life and soon my carriage is to return to the pumpkin it was!

>Was it all that I expected? YES, AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

We still have our last week to share with you! I thank you for following us on our journey with the Chevy Traverse and as always, Thank you Philly Mom's Time Out and Philadelphia Area Chevy Dealers for making this month like a dream for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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