Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rearview Camera Systems, Plugs, & Fun OH MY!!!!!!!!

We decided to use On Star one day and pick a random address and ended up in Wilmington Delaware.   We decided to have lunch at the Red Robin, and show you some features during our trip.

You have to understand we don't get to do things like this often. Having this Chevy Traverse has been like a vacation for our family.  Our car is NOT reliable and we would never be able to go that far without fear of the car breaking down in the middle of no where.

Taking a day trip here and there with the Chevy Traverse has been amazing for us!! An unbelievable opportunity and we can't thank Philly Mom Time Out and Chevy for choosing us to do this. {INSERT HEART HERE}

Lucas generally tends to meltdown in a car but doesn't when he's in the Traverse so we've been trying to do things while we can for the month.  I will miss this car mainly because of seeing how much he loves it and how calm he is while he's in it!

I would be curious to see if other parents of SPECIAL kids have the same outcome that we've had!  You should try to test drive a Chevy Traverse with a DVD Player and see how your little acts.  They will even give you a $40 Spafinders Gift Card, which I KNOW you will love and could desperately use if you've been caring for a Special one!

Enjoy our day trip to Lunch in Delaware with the Chevy Traverse.
Rearview Camera Systems, Plugs, & Fun OH MY!!!!!!!! from Debra Kinkade on Vimeo.
Wow, is all I can say!!!!  What a great day we had going to Lunch with all of these amazing features in the Chevy Traverse!!!

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