Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Lunch mission using Bluetooth technology for Chevy and PMTO!

We decided to take a detour with our lunch mission!

We wanted to keep it real! We did what we would normally do for a treat and ordered takeout for our mission instead of going somewhere to eat. It's just too expensive. For a family of four, just to get burgers somewhere, your looking at OVER $40.00 without drinks!! Crazy! The frugalness in me "SCREAMS ", that's at least 4 packs of diapers and box of wipes, or 1/2 tank of gas, or a weeks worth of groceries (YES, I CAN MAKE $40 LAST FOR A WEEK OF BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER!!!) !!!, on and on! I just couldn't do it! Going out to eat STOPPED when I had to stay home to care for Lucas. It's just embedded in my mind now that going out to eat is a serious waste of money. We went on a trip earlier this month and had lunch and I'm still not over the shock of it! LOL I wanted to share our favorite place that we are able to splurge on when we do get to have a treat.

Our Local Genuardi's Markets have Pizza's for $5.00 every weekend. That' s more in our budget! LOL The whole family can eat for $5.00! I think its wonderful that this store is trying to help the average Joe or Debbie who need to save money! LOL

There is a man named Rocco there who cooks the pizza's and he has to be the nicest guy I've met!!!! He knows about Lucas and his eating issues. For a time, Lucas would only eat Pizza from him!!!!!!! I don't know what it is about the pizza's he makes but we were so desperate for Lucas to eat at a point that we literally would have to go into the store to get his schedule so that we could plan out Lucas's meals!!!

When I talk and share information with my blogger friends, I mean what I say, and only say what I mean so when I find people and stores like this that go out of their way to help someone I think that its worthy of spreading the news!!!! I told him about our mission and right away he was all for helping us and couldn't be happier to share our lunch mission with you!

Our Lunch was made simple with the amazing bluetooth wireless technology. I was able to safely call to order without taking my hands off the wheel!

I loved that I was able to call to order the food in a safe, hands free, way while I was out with the bluetooth capability that was in this car! All of these features make life so much easier when you're a busy mom, constantly on the go!

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