Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Traverse can make a kids dreams come true!

As I've said before, our car is not reliable to drive for long distances!   We promised my son Charlie two years ago to take him to New York to see Nintendo World and it broke my heart that we just haven't been able to do it.  With not working to care for Lucas the finances just weren't there to rent a car to take him for the day.  

The second that I found out we were going to be test driving this Traverse, the thought was immediately implanted in my head that its, "NOW OR NEVER!"   I went onto Nintendo Worlds site and saw that they were closed for remodeling!  OMG! NOOOOOOOOOOO! 

The good thing was that they were opening the following week and having a HUGE grand celebration event to honor their 25th anniversary!  How awesome is the timing here!?! 

We're going!  No questions asked!  I'm going to give this boy the trip he's been waiting for now for two years!  Chevy and PMTO made it possible for me to do this amazing thing for my son by choosing us to test drive this AMAZING Traverse!! 

Wait until you see how cool this car is!!!  Every kid out there is going to want their parents to buy this car just for the bells and whistles! 

Watch our New York City Trip video to see what I'm talking about!
The Traverse can make a kids dreams come true! from Debra Kinkade on Vimeo.
YES, it can!  We took a trip to NY and this Traverse was as Charlie would say "The most awesomist car ever!"

He went into school telling all of the kids they have to ask Santa for one for Christmas! LOL

It's so funny seeing him out of nowhere realize what he did on his trip,  shake his head and say, "I played my game in the car!!, I can't believe it, kids must work there!!!!"

HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had an awesome time!! Thank you Chevy and PMTO for giving us the opportunity to make a memory that will last a lifetime! 

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