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I am SO excited to say that we were invited to host an event on our blog to let our fans know about this amazing news that Lionel Trains has opened a pop up store in the Cherry Hill Mall in NJ!  They have just opened four other locations as well that are listed below.   We were invited to join them for a special tour of their newest store and see a display of their amazing train sets at their newest location and to share about it with, you, our viewers.  We will be attending this weekend and I can't wait to come back and tell you all about it.

Lionel has been around for over 100 years and now they have opened a store in the Phila/NJ area.  This is huge!

For this holiday season they will have starter sets and add-ons that will be available for train lovers of all ages!  I am SO excited to see the Hogwart's Express train that they have! (Yes, I want this one for myself! LOL).  My son Charlie is excited to see the Polar Express Train, and Lucas of course will go crazy when he see's their Thomas the Tank Engine set and the Lionel Little Lines set.  My husband is especially excited to see the Pennsylvania Flyer!  His Grandfather worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and drove many of the trains that Lionel offers.  I will try to get some of his pictures when I post about our day with them..

Lionel will have starters sets and add-ons that to give you a fresh start or add to your collection that you have this holiday season, so you simply have to visit and do some of your holiday shopping for the little or big train lovers in your life.   They will remain open until end of the year.

Word is, we will be hosting some reviews of their hottest trains and possibly host a giveaway for our viewers (SO PLEASE STAY TUNED!)

I will be going to this event with the kids and my husband and I'll tape our day of fun to share with you all.  I can't wait to take the kids here!  We LOVE Lionel Trains!  Who doesn't!  Lionel Toys have been put smiles on childrens faces for over 100 years, including mine and my childrens so I am amazed they they asked us to share this event with you!  I"M SO EXCITED to share this with my children.

Lionel Trains is opening up five more pop up stores after last years huge success with the store that opened in Rockefeller Center in New York City.  They stores will be opening in the following locations:

Lionel New York, Lionel at the Westchester Mall, Lionel at the Cherry Hill Mall, Lionel at the Mall of America, and Lionel at The Trains at North Park

to see more about these locations please click here.


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