Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Johnson's Buddies Sudzing Bar - An awesome textile therapy tool for us

First,  let me start by saying that this post was not endorsed by Johnson what so ever!   I couldn't even get someone to respond to any of the emails that I sent asking them if I could post something good about their products on our site?  I bet my bottom dollar if I was writing to complain I would of hear back from someone within 5 minutes?  What's the world coming to?  Can't a Momma be nice?

Any hoot!!   I simply loved this product and thought it was a wonderful tool to use with Lucas to de-sensitize some of his sensory issues with his hands!


We spent many hours crying that Lucas couldn't hold food in his hands!  He would cry out in pain at even a feather touching his hand!  His senses are all mixed up.  His SPD causes him to feel pain at the slightest touch of something that should feel good.   


It was by chance that I even tried this product with him.  He has such sensitive skin and even though its suppose to be gentle, I was afraid that he would have issues with it.   We ran out of his $90,000 soap that we had to buy for his sensitive skin (my anger at the cost of healthy and good things is a whole other post!) and this was the only soap that I had to use that was gentle enough for his skin.   


This little bar of goodness changed our lives forever!!! 


The soap is covered in this little mesh like sack.   When I used it on Lucas skin, the reaction he had was as if he were getting a massage!  I washed his hands gently and saw that he actually LOVED the feeling of this little mesh covered soap on his hands!  He wanted to hold this soap and feel the little bumps on it!  (Angels singing Alleluia in the background! LOL)  


I wanted to share this experience with someone else who could be facing the same issues with their child!  I sent in a bar of this today for our special needs teacher to try.  


Not everyone will have the same reaction or response that we had but I would love to hear what your experiences were with this product!


Additional information  from their site about Johnson's Buddies:

JOHNSON'S® BUDDIES® Easy-Grip Sudzing Bar

Because your toddler loves to do it herself

With JOHNSON'S® BUDDIES® Easy-grip Sudzing Bar, bathtime is the perfect time to teach your toddler some independence. Our new easy-grip sudzing bar is perfectly shaped for little fingers and with the super-soft kids soap pouch-it won't slip out of her hands.
  • Developed specially for the growing years
  • Patented soft pouch prevents slips
  • Light, fresh scent
  • Allergy tested


Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Palmate, Fragrance, Water Disodium EDTA

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