Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene, Gone, But Will Never Be Forgotten!

Well, we made it through Hurricane Irene!  After a night of no sleep I can honestly say I have never been more exhausted in my life!   Like I said the other day we have NEVER experienced a storm of this magnitude in the northeast!  My only concern was being able to protect my kids from this big bad bully of a storm and of the unknowns that were about to come!!!

All night we heard the sirens and alerts of possible tornadoes touching down right next to our town!  It was dark, we couldn't see what was coming so we relied on the sounds that were rumbling outside!  It was just a non-stop night of uncertainty!  It was nerve wracking to say the least!

This morning I was never so thankful to see sunlight and know that the storm was on its way out!!!!!

I saw tweets and posts coming in from people actually coming off ANGRY that they felt nothing more than a regular storm and they were mad at the media for trying to get people to safety over the weekend!  I feel as though if they only felt a normal storm they were very fortunate people!  

The more angry the comments seemed the more it angered me to hear them said!!   I felt like they should be thanking God that they didn't have to experience what a lot of others had too over the last few days!  Why would any person in their right minds WANT to experience something like that or be angry that they didn't?  What would snap in their heads to actually feel anger that they didn't get bombarded with some of the conditions that some were praying to get out of?

My heart and prayers go out to those people who not only suffered the fear that most of us did during the hurricane but actually had their fear come to fruition and actually lost someone that they loved dearly in this horrible mess!  There were children that were taken way before their time!   I have no answers as to why but can only pray for parents who lost them and hope they have the strength to get through it! 

I wanted to thank everyone for the emails and well wishes.  You're prayers for our safety worked!!!  Thank you!!

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