Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kiddie Academy Success Story, featuring Jill and George Malanga

Over the last few weeks I've been documenting some amazing success stories with real people that chose to make a change in their lives by working for themselves and opening up their own Kiddie Academy franchises.

This week I wanted to share about Jill and George Malanga.

Jill Malanga was no stranger to operating her own franchise, she was a NutriSystem franchisee for years so she knew all about working for herself in her own business!
When she had her first child, she realized that the daycare providers that were in her area were not up to snuff with what she was looking for and made the decision to open up her own Kiddie Academy franchise!  

Her decision wasn't just for her and her child, but for many other parents facing the same situation!  

She wanted to give parents a great day care option and make a change and was determined to do so.  Their first franchise opened its doors in Sparta New Jersey in July of 1996! 

Their huge success comes from the way that they run their Kiddie Academy.  

They treat each family and child as if they were in their own family!  They want parents to have peace of mind and often help those in our military who've been deployed by waiving tuition for them.  What an amazing way to help those parents who are helping serve our country! Simply Amazing!!

George Malanga, a retired high school teacher, decided to open up a second franchise after seeing the amazing success of Jill's first Kiddie Academy.  Their second Kiddie Academy opened their doors in West Milford NJ in September of 2004! 

Their second Kiddie Academy was just as successful as the first!  

Their enrollment at both academies is almost at full capasity and the Malanga's have started considering opening a third Kiddie Academy!

Wow, what an amazing story!  One simple decision to make a change has changed so many lives in the process!

Another incredible story about making a change in your life and seeing your dream come true, all thanks to Kiddie Academy franchising!!

If you would like to learn more about opening up your own franchise, please visit to learn more!

You can visit Kiddie Academy on Facebook and Twitter as well!

As I wrote this post for Kiddie Academy, the northeast was being bombarded by one of the worst storms that we have ever encountered.  My prayers are with the Malanga's and their Academies in hopes that they were not in Hurricane Irene's destructive path.

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Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post by Kiddie Academy.  I only recommend products or services that I would personally use and believe could or would benefit our readers. 

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