Monday, August 15, 2011

Yoga By The Dozen Review and Giveaway

I was so happy when JoAnna Ross the founder of Yoga By The Dozen contacted me to ask if I would like to review her DVD with Lucas!

Lucas's therapists right from the start told me how beneficial yoga was and how much it had a calming effect for special needs children!  They suggested I try it with him so I immediately ran to the store and bought the first one I could find!  This was before I knew about Yoga By The Dozen!!  It was supposed to be for kids, it had kids on the box, but there were no kids, just one woman who was doing normal yoga exercises as if she were teaching an adult class!  Lucas was uninterested and lost his attention within a few minutes of watching it!    

When I heard from JoAnne, I immediately went to her site to make sure it wasn't the same type of video!  I didn't want to waste her time or mine if it was anything like the first DVD we tried to use with Lucas!  It wasn't AT ALL!!!  After looking at her site I was REALLY excited to try this with Luc!

From the minute I put the Yoga By The Dozen DVD in Lucas was captivated and stayed engaged for the entire time!  He loved seeing all of the little kids lifting their little happy and sad feet!  Making poses with the other children!  He was really interested and really had fun watching and moving with these kids on the video!
JoAnna really  has a special gift with children!  You can see the connection she has with these kids! It's not put on at all!  You can see it in her eyes that she really loves working with children and she is able to engage them and have fun with them.

I wanted to learn more about JoAnna to see where she had been and what she did in her life to be able to touch these kids and make them connect so well with her video.  Well, when I saw her About JoAnna  page on I saw immediate why!

I was so happy with this DVD!   I think it has made such a difference with Lucas and helps him connect and relax so much!  He is too young to understand the entire concept but the fact that he enjoys it and wants to do it makes me so happy! 

You can read about something on a box or on some one's website but when you see the results first hand from someone who's child normally doesn't participate or connect, it makes what you see on their site mean so much more!!

From Yoga By The Dozen's homepage:

Yoga By The Dozen™ promotes a healthy lifestyle for kids through their highly acclaimed ‘Yoga By The Dozen’ DVD and their complete line of lifestyle products for yoga.  The top-selling DVD is a fun, interactive children’s yoga video, designed especially for kids ages 2-6.  JoAnna and her 12 friends demonstrate a ‘dozen’ fundamental poses that will introduce your children into the exciting world of Yoga.
Key Benefits:
  • Increase Cognitive & Motor skills
  • Confidence, Courage and Self-Esteem
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Memory Retention and Concentration
  • Nurture Creativity and Self Expression
  • Respect for themselves and each other
  • Proven therapy for kids with ADHD and Autism
JoAnna Ross, founder of Yoga By The Dozen™ is a life long performer. Having danced on Broadway for years she found her natural charisma clicked with kids.
I have to say that I've never seen an excerpt this true!

I really want to thank JoAnna for bringing this amazing DVD into our lives and for doing so much to help those she never even thought she would touch!

You can see a preview of the DVD here for yourself to see how amazing she is with these kids!: Yoga By The Dozen Preview

You can visit Yoga By The Dozen on the Web, Facebook, and Twitter!

JoAnna has gracefully given us the opportunity to share this amazing DVD with our viewers!  The winner of this DVD is going to be so happy! 

I'm actually going to run this giveaway a bit longer than most giveaways I host because I really want this to be up front and center when we participate in the Spa-Week event!   I just think it fits so well with our mission to ask Mom's to take care of themselves and relax and I think there is no better way to help Mom relax by getting the kids to relax too!! Thanks JoAnna, the pleasure was all mine doing this review for you!!

Can't wait?   Purchase the DVD now for only $17.99 at their store!


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susanlanai Says :
August 17, 2011 at 4:37 AM

I'm so excited about this DVD because it sounds like a perfect way to get my little one moving!

More Info Says :
April 30, 2013 at 8:09 AM

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