Monday, September 5, 2011

TOOTH Attack but I fought Back and WON!!!!!!

I have been MIA but for a very good reason!!!

Ok So you all know that I was complaining a few weeks ago about being in pain for over a year with a toothache right?!!  No dentist, that I could find would see me unless I had 100% of the bill up front to help me!

The last few weeks have been pretty unbearable!!   Friday morning I woke up to my entire head and neck hurting.  I felt like I had the worst earache on top of it and knew that this tooth took a turn for the worst!  I literally had tears coming out of my eyes uncontrollably from the pain. The orajel wasn't even helping anymore!

I felt helpless!   What that heck was I going to do?  I didn't have thousands of dollars to get into to see a dentist!  I went out to get the mail and on the front cover of the Trend that we get was an entire write up about this dentist in a few towns over that really cared about their patients and didn't want to see anyone without dental care!

I called and right away their only concern was getting in to see someone!!!  They told me that they have their own little dental coverage plan, for people who are unisured, that you can buy for $134.00 a YEAR that will pay for two office visits per year, ALL your x-rays, and emergency visit (WHICH THIS WAS), two cleanings and even more!  If you bought the plan they would credit $50 towards your actual service that needed to be done!

This isn't the best part.  They gave you information on their ad about this credit care offer which is like a credit card that you can pay off in a year without any interest what so ever!!!   I applied and was approved instantly.  They were closing but actually stayed open for me to be seen!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

I get there and could not believe that this tooth that caused me SOOOOO much pain could actually be saved!!  It's my last molar on the right side so if I had them pull it, it would have cost FAR more in the long run because of shifting and the top teeth would have nothing to lean on so they would probably start giving me problems.   So I agreed to getting a root canal on the tooth!

OMG!  I did not know that it was possible to have nerves so inflamed that the Novocaine would not work!!!!!  They said it was a "HOT" tooth.  When nerves get so inflamed, like mine were, for so long, that no amount of Novocaine would work!   Every step they took that had to keep putting Novocaine directly into the nerve to try and stop the pain!   It was worse than having both kids!!  I actually cried more with this tooth being fixed than I did with a combined 28 hours of labor with both kids!!!

There are usually only supposed to be three roots and of course with my goofy self they found four roots and they were all curved at the bottom so they struggled to be able to get to the bottom with me jumping three feet off the the table every five seconds as they tried to go in deeper!!!!

THREE HOURS later!!!  I felt like my jaw would never be the same again but for the first time in over a YEAR my tooth was NOT in excruciating pain!!!

These dentists were the nicest, friendliest dentists I have ever seen!!  They even called me at home to see how I was doing later that night!  : O

I had to share about my experience with them!!!  SO many people wrote to me to tell me about being in the same boat I was and if any of this information can help them like it helped me I would be SO happy for them to be able to be pain free and have an option out there!!

The best part is, I walked in with NOTHING and walked out and everything that needed to be done was put onto this care credit!   I have ONE full year to pay off my bill!!  How reasonable is that!?!

Here is some information for you to see if you can get help today!!

Both of these dentists worked on me on Friday and they have to be, by far, THE BEST, dentists I have ever been too!  They are so kind, patient, and understanding!  They really go that extra mile for their patients!! I HIGHLY recommend them if you live in South Jersey!

Dr. Mashru and Dr. Schupper

I go back Friday for my normal yearly visit and the plan that I paid for covers everything!!!  How awesome is that!!!!!

CareCredit not only will help you with getting credit for dental work, they help with vet bills, vision and hearing!!! 

Disclaimer:  I was not asked, or paid to give you my opinion about any information that I've provided!  I am only recommending them because of the phenomenal experience we had them and wanted to share their information with our readers.  Everyone may not have the same opinion that I have and may not experience the care that I did. 

2 Responses to "TOOTH Attack but I fought Back and WON!!!!!!"

BellaVida Says :
September 5, 2011 at 3:11 PM

I'm so glad you were able to get the care that you needed and how nice that there are good people in the world like those dentists.

Best of luck to you.

Julie Says :
September 5, 2011 at 8:48 PM

There is nothing better than a good dentist! What town are they in? Our beloved dentist (who's been seeing my husband since he's 8) retired and we need a new dentist.

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