Thursday, March 31, 2011

My world is a happy place with my little singing man!

As you all know things have been crazy with the move and getting organized. I haven't had the time to give you any updates about my little man in a while!

His teachers are FABULOUS!!! I love them!! As I mentioned before he is in the full day program now and he is just soaring with his speech!

We were so excited to hear him say anything for the longest time, and sometimes weren't certain what he was saying, so we would repeat the word we thought he was saying back to him.  He would get really happy if we said the word that he was trying to say and we were elated!  We didn't realize that we were actually helping to encourage his Echolalia issues!  Echolalia is when a child repeats the same word or sentence for no apparent reason.  For Lucas our conversations would be me asking, Do you want a lolli pop?  Instead of him saying yes, he will say Do want loddi pop? Getting him to respond with the correct answer has been a struggle. 

I just had to share this video of him singing with the world!  A lot of wonderful therapists put a lot of time and effort into getting Lucas to this point and I couldn't be more grateful!!  This is all thanks to his wonderful therapists from early Intervention and his current teachers!  You are going to love this :)  I know I did!!!

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