Thursday, May 5, 2011


Wow, Wow, and even bigger Wow, was all I could say last weekend when we took our kids to Chartwell Pools open house over the weekend.   They are having an open house each weekend (subject to weather) until they open in a few weeks! 

You won't be able to see this place without signing up for the summer!  That's how great it is!!!

Lucas has to have a place to go swimming in the Summer.  He has WAY too much energy and there is nothing better than letting himself wear his energy down at the pool all day!

I was so excited to see this flyer telling me about an open house for Chartwell Pool Memberships!  I've been in Marlton for years and have never seen it or been there.

This is what I thought it was:  
A pool membership with one pool for the summer!

But this is what it really is!!!!!  


And more pools!!!!!  6 to be exact!!!!

All different sizes for babies on up!!!  They have a diving board in the main pool and two giant slides that splash kids into a huge pool of beautiful glistening blue water. 

Nope, I'm not done!!!!

Then you walk through this amazing beautiful garden setting path with a gazebo and you come to this awesome splash and play park! 

It was so much fun for the kids!  Everything sprays from all angles and then it stops.  The water stops and you see the kids, all on the edge of their seats!  Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.  The kids have the look of Christmas morning in their eyes, then you see them all running to get the splash when it starts up again!  It is so awesome!!!  This was by far Lucas's favorite part of the park!

still not done,

They have a playground, tennis court, basketball court and volleyball court, a softball field, horseshoes and shuffleboard!!!! 

They also have a big screen tv in the arcade room!! YES I SAID, ARCADE ROOM!!  This place is a kids dream for the summer!!!   I have an eleven year old and have not seen him this excited about summer in a LONG time!!!!

They always have special events for the kids.   Every Sunday they bring the trackless train out so that the kids can take a ride on the choo choo train!

Nope still not done!!

They have a cafe to get food and every Sunday,  the straw that broke the camels back of greatness, according to my son Charlie, They have BBQ Sunday every Sunday!!!   They have every kind of food you can think of for a few dollars!   What could be better?!!!  They even do the cooking for you!!!! 

You can have parties here too!!!  Awesome FUN!!! 

I've lived in Marlton for years and never once saw the beauty and fun that our family has been missing out on  every summer!

The prices of the membership for the summer are so reasonable compared to going on a day trip with a family!    You get a whole summer of fun for the WHOLE family for the cost of going on a mini day trip with the family!!!  It's crazy not to think about it for just a second!!  One day of fun, or A WHOLE SUMMER OF FUN!!  I guarantee once the kids see this place they will want to come to Chartwell for the summer!

I was not paid to do this review, I did not get a discount for telling you how great the place is! I went there with my family and really wanted to share how great I think this place is with our readers in the area that were thinking about something fun to do this summer!!

What are you waiting for???!!!   You have to stop by Chartwell over the next few weekends, they are having an open house from 1-5 each weekend until they open, weather permitting.  Hurry space is limited, get there, and get things squared away quick before its too late!!!

Chartwell OPEN HOUSE 


1:00pm - 5:00pm

Each Weekend (Subject To Weather)

To get more information on membership and rates you can call  (856) 983-8827 or simply visit them during their open house over the next few weekends!

Visit Chartwell on the web @
or visit their facebook page @


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