Thursday, May 5, 2011


OMG!!  We had such an amazing time at the Philly Chevy Capture the Cruze Event!

We tried our best and that's all we could do!!  

My Mom watched Charlie and our really good friend came through for us and watched Lucas for the day. 

Did you ever have someone come into your life that you just thought was an angel?   That's her!!!  She is one of those people that you can see goodness oozing from her!!!  I'm a lucky person to have met her!!  Thank you so much Margot!! 
I was SOOOOO tired after the race that I didn't even have enough energy to care if I won the car anyway! LOL

My Husband
We played the game on SCVNGR. It's a game all about going places, doing challenges and earning points.  The person with the most points wins.   This game was SO awesome!!   As an adult I can say that this was the most exciting and fun game that I have EVER played in my life!!!

It was a hard but SO MUCH fun!!  

I can see this game SKYROCKETING!   I was talking to the guy who created this and he was so down to earth and friendly!!  I can see why, his Mom was there and we talked for the longest time before the race, she was such a sweet woman!!  I hope he stays nice because this guy is going places!!!!!  This game is going to take the nation by storm!! 

Winning Car!
After the race was over, we stayed to watch the winners be announced, and the two teams with the highest points each got a key.  

Both had to start their cars at the same time and whoever had the car that started won the car.   

It was so funny because they had a huge countdown, the anticipation was high, and we heard, "START YOUR ENGINES!"  No cars turned on and the guy who ran the game had to yell, "If you have a stick shift you need to push the clutch in!" LOL  OMG!  It was so funny!!!!  Of course you knew who the winner was immediately!  The blue car on the left was the winning car!

First Place Winners-Sky Diving Lessons
The first Prize winners won Sky Diving lessons.  The girl and guy on the right were the first prize winners!!

One of the winners were asked, "So what are you going to do with you new car?", "Nothing!", he said.  The crowd gasped, then he proceeded to say "My parents have worked their entire lives to raise four kids! This car is is going to my MOM!!!" 

Grand Prize Winners - 2011 Chevy Cruze
OMG!!  All you heard were Awe's, cheers, and claps!!  How could you not LOVE that these guys won!!!!

ROCK on little man!!  I love that you won this car for your Mom!!  What a great Mother's Day present!!!!
I had the time of my life at this event and want to thank ALL of our local Philly Chevy Dealers for their participation in this event!   I also want to thank PhillyMomsTimeOut for choosing me to be a Philly Chevy Girl!  I  would never had known about this awesome event if it weren't for them!  I would highly recommend this event to EVERYONE! It was SO much fun to participate!

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